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CGC designs, finances, builds and leases fractional Photovoltaic Power Plants (PVPPs) according to international quality standards.

Supplies electricity through the Compensation System to low voltage consumer units of small, medium and large companies.

About CGC

Vila Ventura Complex
Power: 3982,70 kWp

We generate clean energy and savings for our customers

Cause a positive environmental and social impact

Recurring monthly income


Regional leader in
photovoltaic solar energy

CGC Energia works with photovoltaic power plants in the northwest of the state of São Paulo and the west of Minas Gerais, which are among the sunniest and most economically developed regions in the country.


Operating radius from CGCs headquarters in the northwest of the state of São Paulo.


Raised and employed in photovoltaic generation projects.


Members of the participating member base.


Between savings for customers and dividends for participating members.



+60 plants


380 MWp

in development, of which 80MW in distributed generation and 300MW in centralised generation

solar panel

The client portfolio comprises:

  • Multinational companies
  • Large national groups
  • More than 100 SMEs
All projects in Distributed Generation are 100% developed, licensed, designed, built and contracted vertically and independently, which translates into quality control, high availability and attractive returns for investors.
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Our Clients

Plurality that offers a diversified portfolio and
operational and financial sustainability of CGC

Multinational corporations

Large national companies

SMEs spread across different segments of the economy


Distributed Generation
in Brazil

In 2012, ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy) brought an important innovation with the Normative Resolution - REN nº 482/2012, which establishes the conditions of access of distributed micro¹ and minigeneration² to the electric energy distribution systems thus creating the Electric Net Metering System.

Since then, all surplus energy from micro and minigeneration plants can be transformed into energy credits, and thus reduce the amount payable on customers' monthly energy bills.

And in 2022 Law 14.300/2022 is enacted establishing the legal framework for distributed generation in the Brazilian electricity sector, establishing and consolidating rules for consumers to generate their own energy, especially new tariff rules and a transition period for existing projects. A positive law for the sector.

Regulatory fitness

CGC co-invests, builds, leases and operates the PV Plants

A PV Plant (or fraction) is allocated
to serve one or more customers

Customers receive credits in their
accounts and remunerate CGC


Vertical functional structure
with the knowledge to carry out
all stages of the project

The company has the necessary knowledge for development,
financing, construction, customer origination, after-sales service, and asset management.
asset management, and constantly improves it through new
tools and training. Its track record includes more than
20MWp of photovoltaic generation with more than 60 plants in operation, initially focusing on the concession areas of CPFL Paulista, CEMIG and Elektro.


Exclusive department for land origination

Department dedicated to land bank development, with an inventory of land lease agreements and approved grid connection permits

Team focused on
monitoring of PV Plants

Team prepared for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance

Specialised software

Management of billing processes,
customer and investor care, with
integration with market-leading ERP

Operating within a radius of up to 350km from operational headquarters

This facilitates the management of the plants
and reduces operating costs


Our Plants

+60 plants in operation


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+ 55 17 3216-3600
Orlando Guareschi Avenue, 203
São José do Rio Preto, SP - Brazil
ZIP CODE 15086-412

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    CGC Energia is an innovative company in Brazil's community solar segment.