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With more than a decade of experience, CGC Energia (Centrais de Geração Compartilhada - "Shared Power Plants") offers you Shared Generation, in which one or more lots of a power plant will be dedicated for your consumption.

CGC designs, finances, builds and leases its PV Plants, supplying inelectricity through Net Metering to low-voltage consumer units of costumers ranging from small and medium-sized, both local and regional, to large national companies and multinational corporations spread across various segments of the economy. Plurality provides a diversified portfolio and revenue generation.

CGC has a multidisciplinary team and professionals with a track record of important achievements in the photovoltaic generation, financial market and construction sectors, as well as a Technical Administrative Council made up of professionals with vast experience in the energy and construction segments.

PV Plant Frutal I and II
Jul/2020 and Aug/2021
Power: 3,000 kWp

Generate clean energy and savings for customers

Cause a positive environmental and social impact

Generate predictable returns for participating partners in the short, medium, and long term


Regional leader in
photovoltaic solar energy

CGC Energia works with photovoltaic generation plants in the São José do Rio Preto region, one of the most economically developed and sunny regions in the country!


Operating radius from CGCs headquarters in the northwest of the state of São Paulo.


Raised and employed in photovoltaic generation projects.


Members of the participating member base.


Between savings for customers and dividends for participating members.


Project stages

The company holds the necessary expertise for development,
financing, construction, customer origination, after-sales service
andasset management, and constantly enhances it through new tools and training.
tools and training. In its track record, it has already realized more than
10MWp of photovoltaic generation with 40 plants in operation and 10 under construction, focusing initially on the concession areas of CPFL Paulista, CEMIG and Elektro.

Exclusive department for land origination

Department dedicated to land bank development, with an inventory of land lease agreements and approved grid connection permits

Team focused on
monitoring of PV Plants

Team prepared for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance

Specialised software

Management of billing processes,
customer and investor care, with
integration with market-leading ERP

Operating within a radius of up to 350km from operational headquarters

This facilitates the management of the plants
and reduces operating costs

Any questions? We are here to help you.

CGC Energia is an innovative company in Brazil's community solar segment.