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At CGC Energia - Centrais de Geração Compartilhada, our mission is to lead the global transition to a sustainable energy matrix, providing clean and renewable energy through the intelligent and efficient use of solar energy. Our commitment is to contribute to a cleaner and more prosperous future, reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources and mitigating the impacts of climate change.




- Sustainability


We are committed to operating in an ecologically responsible manner, minimizing our environmental impact and preserving natural resources for future generations.


- Innovation


We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve our solar energy generation processes, increasing the efficiency and reliability of our operations.


- Quality


We are committed to offering the highest quality solar energy, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and partners through rigorous standards of excellence.


- Collaboration


We recognize the importance of collaboration and teamwork. We are open to strategic partnerships, knowledge exchange and cooperation to drive the advancement of solar energy across the sector.


- Social Responsibility


We take responsibility for making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, promoting local development, education about sustainable energy and employment opportunities.


- Transparency


We maintain clear and transparent communication with our stakeholders, sharing information about our practices, challenges and achievements in the field of solar energy.




At CGC Energia - Centrais de Geração Compartilhada, we are committed to:


- Boosting the adoption of solar energy as a primary energy source, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to climate change mitigation.


- Investing in research and development to constantly improve our technology and processes, looking for more efficient and economical ways to capture and convert solar energy into electricity.


- Establish partnerships with governments, non-governmental organizations and other entities to promote policies and incentives that favor the expansion of solar energy.


- Developing social responsibility programs that benefit local communities, creating job opportunities, supporting educational initiatives and promoting awareness of the importance of clean energy.


- To maintain ethics and integrity in all our operations, ensuring that our practices are in line with the highest standards of business conduct.


At CGC Energia - Centrais de Geração Compartilhada, we are determined to lead the transformation of the energy sector through solar energy, inspiring other organizations to adopt sustainable solutions and contribute to a brighter, ecologically balanced future.



CGC Energia's Declaration of Environmental Commitment


At CGC Energia, we recognize the fundamental impact that our operations have on the environment around us. We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment as an integral part of our values and business practices.
Our environmental commitment is reflected in a number of actions:


1. Reducing Carbon Emissions: We employ technologies and practices aimed at actively reducing our carbon emissions, constantly seeking to minimize our climate impact.


2. Promoting Energy Efficiency: We encourage the responsible and efficient use of energy, both in our operations and in the solutions we offer our clients.


3. Sustainable Innovation: We are constantly looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to improve our services and minimize our environmental impact, promoting a culture of conscious innovation.


4. Respect for Biodiversity: We are committed to preserving biodiversity in all our operations, respecting natural ecosystems and promoting practices that protect wildlife.


5. Responsible Waste Management: We manage the waste produced by our activities responsibly, aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.


6. Engagement and Environmental Education: We encourage the active engagement of our employees, partners and communities, promoting environmental awareness and education.


This commitment is an integral part of our corporate mission, aimed not only at meeting current demands, but also at guaranteeing a sustainable future for generations to come.


We take on the responsibility of being agents of positive change and inspiring others to follow the same path for the environment.


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